22 Haziran 2016 Çarşamba

ScienceDirect Live Import to DSpace

Entering all the metadata is really tedious work so Sciencedirect and Atmire has developed a plugin for dspace which ingest Sciencedirect articles into DSpace easily.
After you apply the patch which is sent from Sciencedirect integration support. get API KEY from the link http://dev.elsevier.com/myapikey.htmlwrite this api key into the configuration file ${dspace.dir}/config/modules/elsevier-sciencedirect.cfg like this elsevier-sciencedirect.api.key =a2e3feffgd3542345gsdf
 then  mvn and fresh install your DSpace if you successfully build and deploy DSpace you will have Elsevier Import menu both in the submission steps and Global Import menu. You can watch it below.

 This feature will be readily available in upcoming  DSpace 6.0

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