3 Nisan 2017 Pazartesi

Email to user when a role is assigned

When an admin/teacher assigns a role to a user in course or category context you can send an email to the user which the role has been assigned by modifying the following moodle lib file.


In the file around the lines 103-111 by adding email_to_user() moodle lib function you can send the email to the user from the moodle support user. Be careful that email_to_user() function accepts from and to users as moodle user objects so you can not write simply emails and send.         

   foreach ($userstoassign as $adduser) {
                $allow = true;

                if ($allow) {
                    role_assign($roleid, $adduser->id, $context->id);

                    email_to_user($adduser, $supportuser, "Your role has been assigned in Moodle", "You have been assigned as a ".$assignableroles[$roleid]." in the ".$contextname ); 

After you add this the user will receive an email with subject "Your role has been assigned in Moodle" and message ie. "You have been assigned as a Course creator in the Category: Mathematics"

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